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The planet demands a change. In every corner, they arise
movements that promote ways of doing, producing and consuming differently.
We hear about inequalities, climate crisis, poverty, hyperconnectivity that disconnects us from each other ... makes us wonder


Awareness is the first step, but it is not enough. We know that it is difficult to take action when we are not sure about what to do and how.



Social Potential is the ability that all people have to generate a positive impact on themselves, society and the environment.

Discovering your Social Potential allows you to

  • Move from confusion to action

  • Find meaning in what you do every day and discover what moves you

  • Become your best version for others

  • Inspire yourself with stories from other people who develop their Social Potential

  • Choose what your role is when generating Positive Impact

Live a transforming experience

How is the process



People who have ventures or companies and want to give it a spin to generate more impact.

People who want to create a venture with positive impact and do not know where to start or in what area to start.

People who are going through change processes and want to resignify their professional path.

People who want to drive positive changes in their environment and would like to prosecute them and define how to start.


Is for you if...

You seek to generate positive impact and resignify your personal and / or professional life.

You would like to make changes that align with your purpose.


Your motivations are oriented to leave a positive mark and inspire your environment.

Is not for you if...


You are only interested in economic incentives and your ambitions are purely monetary.

You feel that you already generate enough positive impact around you.


You are satisfied with your personal and / or professional life and do not need to make changes.

Who facilitate it

Jessica Oyarbide

Founder and Executive Director of Marcas que Marcan


Degree in Advertising, Specialist in Inclusive and Social Business, studied at HEC Paris, awarded a scholarship for her social work in villages and settlements.

She worked at the Yunus Center in Bangladesh where he explored in depth Social Business models of the Grameen group belonging to Muhammad Yunus. She worked with Fair Trade certified Social Enterprises in India, where she lived for two years.

Speaker at various national and international conferences. Recognized by JCI as one of the 10 Outstanding People of Argentina and by GEMA as Outstanding Woman.

Co-founder of EKHOS, an organization that promotes the development of Social Enterprises Ecosystems through the relationship between LATAM and India.

Maitena Moreno Ugartemendia

Specialist in personal development for Social Potential


Master in Psychology of organizations. Specialist in meaningful leadership, from HEC Paris, in wellness science at Yale University.

Certified Ontological Coach in the International Coach Federation, oriented to accompany Social Entrepreneurs.

Provides workshops on Nonviolent Communication for family members of persons deprived of liberty, educational entities and companies. She facilitates wellness techniques such as meditation and yoga.

She was the leader of people management in the microenterprise area of the City of Buenos Aires Bank. She learned about gender perspective working with the Avon Foundation.

Ambassador of Efecto Colibrí, a platform of resources and knowledge for social entrepreneurs.

1. We believe that reality can be transformed

2. We want to be part of that transformation


3. The transformation is from the inside out

Discovering your Social Potential is a one way path and we would love to accompany you in that process.

Are you ready for the process?

"Before starting the counseling, I had expectations and anxiety to know what it was, if it was going to work for me. I really enjoyed the during, since they were meetings of much exploration and self-knowledge. And afterward, I feel very satisfied that I have come to find the social potential of my venture and keep a lot of tools to guide my future steps. I liked that the interaction that was generated was something playful. The process of throwing an idea, them taking it, observing it, and giving me feedback based on their experiences, and ways to continue working it was great. The feedback was very interesting. They have a lot to give and are very generous with all the information they provide."



"I am amazed, I loved the whole process. I came with some disorganization, which had to do with not knowing certain existential questions, now I feel I have another clarity and another commitment that arises. Discovering the Social Potential is an intense process, with a lot of commitment from you. How you face it is super interesting, a strong proposal, adjusted to all the questions you have inside your head, is comprehensive, from a very loving and beautiful place. To those who are thinking of doing something with a positive impact, I would tell you to be encouraged because the results are very satisfactory. You leave the impossibility and pass on to the message: it can be done. It gives inner peace which is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us. "